VAMA Instructors

Our instructors are CPR certified. They each have years of experience in freestyle martial arts and are trained to teach children.


  • Currently holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt.

  • Began training in 1987

  • Began teaching martial arts in 1993

  • Earned Jr. Black belt in 1994

  • Earned Black belt in Freestyle Karate in 1996

  • Fought in the 1st Ultimate Combat Experience in 2000

  • Competed in Full Contact kickboxing 1996-2000

  • Won numerous titles, trophies, awards, and grand championships across the Western United States from 1988- 2014

  • Placed 2nd internationally at the National Black League Super Grands 1994 in Point Sparring

  • Was on the Cover of E.K.L. sport karate magazine Issue #6 1995

  • Undefeated competitor of the year with the EKL 1995

  • Founded Valor Academy of Martial Arts in June of 2011

  • Coached students/competitors to Win over 20 world titles 2016- current

  • Founded Utah Sport Karate League in 2022

  • Member of Team USA 2023

  • Silver Medalist WKU world championship point sparring 2023

  • Bronze Medalist WKU world championship Weapons forms 2023

  • Bronze medalist WKU world championship Women's Team point sparring 2023

  • Currently Earning Black Belt with Hyper Martial arts 2024 (WILL TEST JAN 12-13 2024)

Lead Instructors

Masters At Converting Focus Into Confidence!

I started martial arts when I was 8 years old on June 1, 2011 and earned my black belt in August 2018 when I was 15 years old. I have been a competitor from the very beginning of my training and have attained multiple state titles throughout the years, I have had the honor of obtaining “The League All-Star Award” for the 2023 competition season, I earned a bronze medal at the WKU World Finals 2023, and I am currently training to earn another black belt in the Hyper program.

I love instructing martial arts for so many reasons. I love the bond I have with each of the athletes and getting to be a part of their success is so incredible. I love seeing them reach their goals and in what ways they are progressing. I love sharing my passion with others and helping them gain life skills that they can apply in all areas of their life.

I train for my mental and physical health. Martial arts gives me a purpose. It allows me to set goals in all areas; skill wise, physically, mentally, even academically. I train to better myself in every way possible. We can always improve ourselves and there are so many life skills that I want to gain and work on. Martial arts allows me to push and challenge myself in ways that will help me grow and succeed.

Martial arts has been a way of life for me very early on. I have gained so much confidence, discipline, focus, respect, work ethic, self-esteem, awareness and so much more just from martial arts. I have a second family and I’ve had so many close friendships develop. I’ve developed so many life skills and have applied those in all aspects of my life. I’ve had many opportunities and have been able to succeed because of my martial arts experience. Martial arts has been one of the best things for me and my life.

I started training in 2015, earning my Black Belt in 2020. My achievements include:

Multiple grand champions in USKL

Multiple league world titles

WKC top ten competitor in the USA

WKU team USA member and Bronze medalist

I love teaching and watching the athletes make and reach goals, it is such an amazing thing to be a part of. I enjoy seeing how far each athlete has come since the time they started martial arts. I want to give students the same experience I was given.

I train in martial arts to push myself to my fullest potential, I love to be challenged and love to learn. I train to keep myself busy, motivate and healthy. Martial arts has taught me patience, respect, honor, discipline and humility. Without martial arts I wouldn’t have ever met my best friends. Without martial arts I know I would be a totally different person than I am now.

Junior Instructors

An Essential Part Of Our Teaching Team!

I started training in 2011, earning my Black Belt in 2021 and second degree in 2022.

I started teaching in 2021 working with the little ninjas and jr. Samurai.

My achievements include World Title's with The League MMA in creative freestyle forms, point fighting, and traditional forms from 2017-2021.

In 2023 I was a member of Team USA and competed in Canada at the WKU finals, receiving a Silver medal in point sparring, Silver medal in musical weapons forms, and a Bronze medal in creative freestyle forms.

I am an active competitor in the USKL and have won multiple medals and trophies in competitions across the western United States.

Started training in June 19th 2019, earning my Black Belt in 2023. I started teaching in January 2021 when blue belt.

Achievements include : League Allstar 2021, League World Titles in katas and sparring.

I love teaching because I’m able to watch students grow and realize their potential. I also love being able to share my knowledge with my students, and watch them develop a passion for the sport/lifestyle as I did.

Why I train : I train to maintain a physical and mentally healthy lifestyle, and because I’ve developed a passion and love for training, and I can’t see myself without it.

Martial arts has boosted my confidence unlike anything else in my life, I’ve built strong friendships with my peers, students and fellow instructors. I’ve also gained new physical skills, like kicks, hand techniques, self defense, katas etc. Martial arts has also helped me become mentally strong.

I started training at Valor in 2014.Earning my black belt in 2020 and I got my second degree black belt in 2022. I love Martial Arts because it always provides me a way to improve myself physically and mentally, and to expand my abilities. Through martial arts I’ve also been able to learn and improve valuable life skills such as focus, discipline, respect, and perseverance.

I enjoy teaching martial arts because it allows me to look at skills I’ve learned in the past in new ways and understand them better. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the athletes I work with grow and improve in each training session. I want to help them feel confident and successful and for them to learn something valuable every time they train.


I’ve had two of my children at Valor Academy. I am impressed by Sensei Brenda and her dedication to hard work, obedience, perseverance, success, and inclusion. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, the monthly cost is appropriate, the dojo is clean, and my daughter is thoroughly enjoying it.

Through covid restrictions, the staff at Valor have gone above and beyond to accommodate different comfort levels of the students/parents, offering different options, all of which fall under guidelines of the health dept and current covid health guidelines. I feel 100% safe sending my child to Valor.

Michelle Neff

My 5 year old son just finished up his sixth week at Valor Academy and I couldn't be happier! From the minute I went to Valor to find out about their program, I was impressed. The office staff are the kindest, most helpful people. The program is very affordable and flexible. Sensei Brenda is so great with the kids- she makes the classes fun and is very knowledgeable and talented. She speaks to and treats the kids with so much respect and at the same time they know she has clear expectations for their behavior and focus. My son thinks Sensei Kamryn is the coolest and loves getting to class early to see if he'll be training so he can watch his routines! My son has been in physical therapy at Primary Children's Hospital for most of his life to help with gross motor strength and delays and it was his PT who recommended we get him into karate. I can't even believe the progress that he has made in these short 6 weeks! He is doing things that he previously struggled with, with so much more strength, balance and ability, and has acquired so many skills that he couldn't even do at all when he started. It has been so amazing for us to watch his progress and I can't wait to see where he goes from here. He looks forward to every class and the confidence he has gained and pride that he feels is so cool to see. Thank you, Valor!

Julia Smith

We have nothing but good things to say about Valor Academy. The details about what is expected is clear in all aspects from behavior in the dojo and pricing. The dojo is always clean and safe. They do a good job in pushing students to succeed without them feeling stressed or anxious. We appreciate the flexibility in class attendance. If we need to miss a week because of sickness or vacation, they allow us to make up those classes at another time. My daughter has been taking classes for almost a year and she still enjoys it and is excited about going.

Esther Brown

My kids have been training with Valor Academy of Martial Arts for a little over a year and I am continually impressed with the staff. They are some of the kindest and most inviting people that I know and the Sensei’s are awesome with all ages and abilities. It is extremely apparent that they love what they do.

My kids confidence in themselves has improved so much it amazes me. They also can’t get enough of the atmosphere that is there. They attend 2 classes a week and then beg me to sign them up for the parents night out and other seminars and camps that are offered. And my kids are excelling not only in martial arts but outside of their practices as well in school, and at home.

BethAnne Swenson

Valor Academy has wonderful instructors and Sensei Brenda is amazing with my 5 year old son. His confidence has greatly improved in the 2 years he's trained here. They give a lot of personalized attention to all their students to help them reach their highest potential. Small, fun close knit family experience. Love this dojo and would highly recommend for any age or skill level.


Thank you Valor for your perseverance with kids, we have been completely satisfied for the care, concern and attention to our son in your class, he immediately felt at home and comfortable to participate. This says a lot for a 12 year old who has not ever tried Martial Arts. I would recommend this place to all. I especially like that this dojo is a non commercialized home grown business that is in it for the passion of martial arts.

Jennie McCoy

(801) 548-4365

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